Open Day

Open Day
Sunday 3rd December 2023
Venue: Kings Hall and Winter Gardens, Ilkley

Opening Day Running Order

Dear All,
The ‘Open Day’ is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to demonstrate a sample of their class
work on stage. Maureen, Laura and Chloe hope everyone will want to participate.
Please feel free to invite any relatives and friends along and stay as long as you wish. We hope to create an
informal and very relaxed atmosphere with tea, coffee and light refreshments available all day.
Pupils need to check in by arriving in the Winter Gardens at your designated changing area 30 minutes
before they are due on stage (see timetable).
Ideally dancers will arrive already dressed in their class regulation uniform (see overleaf).
If not, please help your own child change and leave them with our helpers who will take them
backstage 10-15 minutes before they are due to perform.
Pupils will be returned to the same changing area immediately afterwards. Please collect them promptly.
We hope you will then return to your seats and enjoy some more of the ‘Open Day’.

Yours sincerely,
Iwan, Maureen, Laura and Chloe.

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