We are excited to have been able to invest in a fantastic ESOL fogging machine.

‘’ESOL™ is a unique and accessible sanitisation solution, which not only protects from microbes, but also respects the need for a safe application, both for people and nature.
The existing methods of sanitisation often pose significant threats to our health and harm the environment. ESOL™ is a safe and sustainable alternative, for example, to disinfect buildings, control biofilm, disinfect drinking water, preserve fruits and vegetables, or prevent legionella. ESOL™ is efficient, non-toxic and biodegradable.
To manufacture ESOL™ only water, salt and electricity are needed.
ESOL™ is already successfully used across the globe, for example, to protect our food from microbes, making it safer to consume. ESOL™ can be used everywhere, including homes, hospitals, ambulances and stores. It can also be used to sanitise equipment and gear used by health care workers and caregivers.
ESOL™ is a necessity that protects us, our loved ones and our environment.’‘

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