Hello Everyone,

‘Hooked on Dancing’ has been postponed subject to easing of restrictions on the 19th July in our area.

Revised show dates
Monday 19th July – Thursday 22nd July 2021

New assigned shows are as follows…
Show 1 – Friday 16th now Monday 19th July
Show 2 – Saturday 17th Matinee now Tuesday 20th July
Show 3 – Saturday 17th Evening now Wednesday 21st July
Show 4 – Sunday 18th now Thursday 22nd July

All Act 1 (Peter Pan) will be running from 6-7pm
All Act 2 performances will be 8-15-9.15pm

Unfortunately, we are unable to swap allocated shows.
We know the change of dates means some people will not be able to take part but keeping the dates as planned would mean no one under the age 16 would get a show.

Although Bradford Theatres have been signed off to allow a socially distanced audience of 250, Bradford Education Safeguarding Department will only allow six people in the Winter Gardens (as it is ‘one room’) and not the socially distance 50 as originally agreed under current restrictions.
All our alternative suggestions for changing and backstage waiting areas have been knocked back. Unfortunately, if the rule of six is not lifted in our area the show will not go ahead.

As you can imagine we will be devastated if this has to happen, but we want you to know we will have done everything we can. Fingers crossed we will have a positive outcome.

All tickets have been automatically transferred to these dates. We know there will be changes to people’s tickets requests. Please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as we can. If you have already paid for tickets and need a refund, please email laura@mwsd.info with bank details and this will be sorted at the earliest opportunity.

Changes have had to be made to the Kings Hall Rehearsals. If you have already had your last lesson in the studio, we will be sending you a personalised email as soon as possible. Those whose lessons are Thursday onwards will receive this as a hand-out in class this week. If you miss, we will email it to you.

This year, parents are missing out on seeing the enjoyment dance is bringing to their children as they can’t watch from the changing rooms like in the past. It is the smiles on our dancer’s faces that have kept us battling on and we are still hoping that you will get to see how much enjoyment dancing brings to them.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Best wishes,
The Williams Family

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